ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE  $50 (per Family assessed annually). This fee is good for one year from the date paid (“Anniversary Date”) and will automatically renew each year on the Anniversary Date if your Athlete is on a PROCHEER team or enrolled in a class. The Annual Registration Fee allows Athletes to participate on a team or class. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

METHODS OF PAYMENT   TumblePro and PROCHEER accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Checks. Autopay by credit card may also be set up through the Parent Portal and is the preferred payment method.

PAYMENT POLICY    All charges at are due on the 1stday of each month or upon enrollment in a class or on a team.  Credit Cards can be set up for Autopay through the Parent Portal and you will be billed automatically on the 1stof the month.  All Team Athletes must have a credit card on file to ensure that Athlete’s accounts stay current. Statements will not be emailed out but a history of your transactions can be viewed and/or printed from the Parent Portal.  Payments can also be made through the Parent Portal and at the front desk. Any returned checks will be assessed a charge of $25 per occurrence.  If payment is not received by the 10thday of the month, Team Athlete's will be asked to sit out of practice until payment has been brought up to date and Class Athlete's will be dropped from their class.

PROCHEEER TEAM TUITION POLICY      All Star, All Star Prep & Show Team monthly tuition is based on a 11-month period.  It is not based on attendance or the number of practices held in any given month.  If an Athlete joins after the start date of the season, it may be necessary to collect "catch-up" fees to cover the Athletes team costs and/or other team member fees.  If an Athlete is unable to be on the team due to any reason, there are no refunds or make-ups of previously paid Tuition.  Any delinquent Team charges will be cause for being dropped from the Team. 

TUMBLEPRO CLASS TUITION POLICY  Class tuition reserves your spot in the class and is not based on attendance. Once enrolled, the Athlete will remain on the roll sheet and will be automatically billed on the 1st of each month until the class is dropped. Tuition is not prorated for missed classes or for gym closures due to holidays. Tuition will be prorated in your first month only. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

TUMPLEPRO CLASS DROP POLICY      Classes may be dropped at any time but must be done by the last day of the month in order to not to incur a tuition charge for the following month. All Drop Requests must be submitted through the Parent Portal. E-mails, phone calls, text messages, faxes, hand written notes and/or telling a coach/instructor are NOT  acceptable notification methods in order to be removed from a class and remove financial responsibility. 

TUMBLEPRO MAKE-UP POLICY   TumblePro offers Make-Up classes through the Make-Up token system.  Please contact your Coach to receive a Make-Up token if you miss class.

REFUND POLICY  TumblePro and PROCHEER do not refund tuition for any reason.

VALUABLES IN GYM     It is not possible to monitor valuables brought into the gym. Please leave valuables at home or in the car. TumblePro and PROCHEER will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. If your Athlete has left something at the gym, please have them contact their coach.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE    TumblePro and PROCHEER will be closed on the following days: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Depending on our Team competition schedule, PROCHEER may also be closed during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. 


  • Only Team Athletes and Class Athletes will be allowed on the gym floor area and all Athletes must have a current accepted and signed Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement on file. This document can be signed electronically on the Parent Portal or can be obtained from your coach or the front desk.

  • No food, drinks, gum or candy are allowed on the gym floor area. Please leave these items in the waiting area and leave the gym floor area to consume.

  • Please arrive on time so that your Athlete will not miss warm-up.

  • Only staff, currently registered Team or Class Athletes and invited guests are allowed on the gym floor area at any time.

  • Team or Class Athletes waiting for their practice or class to begin need to remain in the waiting area only, no exceptions.

  • Parents are not allowed on the gym floor area except for special events.

  • All children not on a team need to remain off the gym floor area with an adult in the waiting area. Please do not let young children play on the mats or other equipment while waiting for an Athlete.

  • Our coaches need to focus on the Teams or Classes they are currently coaching. For the safety of everyone, please do not try to speak with the coaches when they are instructing Teams or Classes on the gym floor. All communications with coaches will need to be done during scheduled meeting times that have been arranged by the coaches.

  • Athletes waiting for parents to pick them up need to remain in the waiting area. Athletes are not allowed to wait outside.  Please pick up your Athlete promptly.  PROCHEER is not responsible for your Athlete once he/she leaves the gym.

PRACTICE ATTIRE    All Team and Class Athletes need to wear appropriate attire as designated by their coach.  Designated Team Practice Wear and cheer shoes will be required to be worn by Team Athletes.  Cheer or tennis shoes with socks can be worn in a class.  NO BARE FEET. Please no jewelry, cover ups with zippers or other clothing that can be dangerous for tumbling or stunting. Long hair should be pulled back from the face. Team Athletes must also purchase a team uniform and bow to wear at all competitions.

INSTRUCTORS   All Teams and Classes are coached by well qualified, background checked and fully registered USASF or other certified coaches.   In certain cases your coach may be unavailable to attend practice on any given day.   TumblePro and PROCHEER reserves the right to either substitute another qualified coach for the team practice or class and to cancel team practice or class.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION    TumblePro and PROCHEER coaches offer private instruction for those who are interested. Please contact your coach directly to set up an appointment.

CLASS WAIT LIST      Many classes at TumblePro will maintain a full enrollment. If you would like to enroll in a class that is currently full, please ask to be put on the Wait List for the class. When a spot opens in the class, we will contact the first name on the Wait List for enrollment.

CLASS DROP-INS      Students with a current registration form on file may Drop-In on any TumblePro class that is not currently full for $25.   The Drop-In fee must be paid in full before joining the class on the gym floor area.

OPEN GYM    All Athletes are invited to participate in Open Gym. Athletes must sign in at the Front Desk, pay the associated fee to participate and have a signed waiver on file.  Coaches will be on the floor to supervise Open Gym but do not provide spotting or stunting for the safety of all Athletes.

PARENT VIEWING/WAITING AREA  The parent viewing/waiting area is reserved for parents/families wishing to observe their Athlete’s team practice or class. Please refrain from commenting about other Athletes, and maintain control of your other children in the parent viewing/waiting area so others can enjoy watching their Athlete. There may be times when the parent viewing area will be closed due to a closed Team practice. Your coach will notify you in advance of any closed practices.

COMMUNICATION    TumblePro and PROCHEER uses e-mail as our primary form of communication regarding the gym. Team and Class Athletes/Parents must make sure to OPT-IN and update their e-mail information in the Parent Portal to insure that you receive all notices about schedule changes, competition times, receipts, statements and billing issues. PROCHEER will also use the app GroupMe and will provide you with an invitation to join your Athletes Team Page.

USASF ATHLETE REGISTRATION    All PROCHEER Team Athletes will be required to join USASF as a registered Athlete in order to compete in competitions. Registration will occur in June and must be completed by the Athletes family.  If you have been a member of USASF while on a team at another gym, you will need to drop your old gym and add PROCHEER TX as your new gym before an Athlete may compete.

PHOTO RELEASE   I hereby authorize Tumble Pro Joint Venture, TumblePro and PROCHEER TX to use any photographs that contain images of myself or my student for any purpose for furtherance of the business of Tumble Pro Joint Venture, including, but not limited to, inclusion of any such images in advertisements, social media, on websites, or any other identifying information.  If I do not agree to these terms, I must go to the Front Desk and execute a Photo Release Form evidencing my rejection of this Rule & Policy.


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