Monday | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Ages 6+ | 60 minute class once a week | $85.00 a month

Flight School is designed to teach athletes the basics of stunting like body control, flexibility, body strength, positioning, and balance. Athlete will rotate through stations that will be developing those stunting basics, with one of the stations being stunting with coaches either as a group, 2 man or partner. Great for anyone interested in flying on an all star, middle or high school team or interested in getting started for college tryouts.

SKILLS TAUGHT: Walk-In Hands, Walk-In Extension, Walk-In Liberty, Walk-In Stretch, Toss Drills, Toss Chair, Toss Hands, Toss Extension, Toss Liberty, Low to High, High to High, Hands Full Around's, Full Up's,


BODY POSITIONS: Liberty, Front Stretch, Heel Stretch, Bow & Arrows, Scorpions, Scales, Arabesques. 



11701 Hero Way West

 Suite A (next to Dollar General)

Leander, Texas 78641

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